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There are two types of pathfinder uniform; field uniform and dress uniform.
Field Uniform

Field Shirt
Jeans or black shorts
Field Cap
Field Fleecy Jacket
Field Hoodie
Worn to almost all Pathfinder meetings and camps.

Dress Uniform

Formal Uniform

White/Green Shirt
Black Trousers/Skirt
White/Black Socks
Black Shoes
Yellow/Red Scarf
Epaulettes (Staff Striped)
Hat (Optional)
Worn for Investiture, Fair Day, Rally Day, Community Service (like ADRA), etc.

Class Groups

Level Class Pin Advance Bar Chevron
1 Friend_Strip Friend_Pin Friend_AdvBar Friend_Chevron
Companion_Strip Companion_Pin Companion_Advbar Companion_Chevron
2 Explorer_Strip Explorer_Pin Explorer_AdvBar Explorer_Chevron
Ranger_Strip Ranger_Pin Ranger_AdvBar Ranger_Chevron
3 Voyager_Strip Voyager_Pin Voyager_AdvBar Voyager_Chevron
Guide_Strip Guide_Pin Guide_AdvBar Guide_Chevron
- MasterGuide_Strip MasterGuide_Pin - MasterGuide_Chevron_All

Where they are worn

Pathfinder Insignia

Staff/MG Insignia

Sleeve Insignia

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